Our Lady of the Assassins 2000

World-weary arthur Fernando has returned to his native Colombia to live out his days in peace. But Fernando's once-quiet hometown has become a hotbed of violence, drugs and corruption. On the brink of despair, Fernando meets Alexis, a beautiful but hardened street kid who lives by the rule of the gun. Together, they forge an unlikely relationship.

The Virgin of Lust 2002

In Vera Cruz in the 1940s, Nacho, an Indian, waits tables at Don Lázaro's café at Hotel Ofélia. He falls for Lola, an opium-addicted, alcoholic whore who's hopelessly in love with Gardenia Wilson, a masked wrestler who slept with her once but knows she's unbalanced. Don Lázaro warns Nacho about Lola, and Nacho knows his love will be unrequited, but he'll do anything, regardless of how degrading, to be near her. Lola, for her part, can be sadistic. Republican exiles who are regulars at the café encourage Lola's desire to assassinate Franco. Nacho in turn mixes this political mirage with his fascination with the plot of "The Mikado." Where do fantasies and obsessions lead?

The Virgin Goddess 1974

Reworking of H. Ridder Haggard's SHE with softcore sex star Sarli as the white "goddess" who lives among the tribes of South Africa and can enjoy eternal life as long as she remains a virgin. Enter adventurer Bo and the trouble begins.

Virgen 2017

Vanessa and Mathias hide in a house far away from the city to have their first time as a teenage couple. They don't realize an ominous entity is watching them from the deepest of darkness.

Una abuela virgen 2007

Una madrugada frente del Cementerio, el trompetista Alirio Guaramato, borracho y nostálgico por la muerte de su mejor amigo, consigue tocar las notas musicales reservadas a los ángeles para la resurrección de los muertos. Alirio sólo toca estas notas unos instantes suficientes para que Antonieta García, quien había muerto a los 85 años, vuelva a la vida con la apariencia de 20. Antonieta buscará una dirección que permanece en su memoria y allí encontrará a su nieta Mónica. Mientras tanto, un amargado ángel será enviado con la misión de restablecer el Orden Universal que ha sido roto...

The Black Virgin 2008

Life of inhabitants of a small fishing village of the caribbean , changes drastically after the apparition of a Black Virgin, which disallowed the skies to get dark, stopped the vandals from invaden town. After months of intense changes in the chaotic life of this fishing town, the inhabitants had to face the most cruel of changes in their lives.La vida de los habitantes de un pueblo pesquero del caribe, cambia drásticamente tras la aparición de una Virgen Negra, ésta no permitió que el cielo volviera a oscurecer, impidió que los vándalos invadieran el pueblo. Luego de meses de intensos cambios en la caótica vida de este pueblo pesquero, sus habitantes tuvieron que enfrentarse al más cruel de los cambios en sus vidas

The Last Virgin 2018

Lost in a world where appearance reigns, Sara, a 13-year-old girl, must abandon her innocence to delve into the adult world and thus fit into her group of friends.

La virgen gitana 1951

Through a pictoric play, this movie tells the story about the painter Eduardo Miranda who, one night, while he was lokking to a gipsy group that was dancing, discovers a beautifull girl called Carmen. Dazzled by her beauty he decides to paint a picture. This causes roumours in the neighborhood, and it also arouses the jealousy of his wife.

Jaén, Virgen & Extra 2018

Olive oil is arguably the most essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. In the stunning southern Spanish city of Jaén, olive oil is a way of life. Recently, a revolution broke out in this region sparking a new appreciation for Jaén’s emblematic Picual olive oil that was pivotal in bringing this city to the zenith of olive oil production. This documentary introduces us to the challenges raised by these radical changes as seen through the eyes of the people from the Jaén olive groves, the chefs who experienced the gastronomical transformation, the olive-producers and the all-important consumers. With precision and emotion, the cast describes the life cycle of olive oil, from the tree to the table, allowing the audience to share the vibrant spirit and culture surrounding olive cultivation and oil production in the largest producing region in the world.

The August Virgin 2019

Young Eva makes her decision to stay in Madrid for the month of August an act of faith. She needs to feel things differently and think of summer as a time of opportunity. On days of festivities and verbenas, while events and encounters take place, Eva will discover that she still has time, that an opportunity can still be given.

La vírgen morena 1942

Intensifying skirmishes between a brutally oppressive conquistador imperialist and the last holdouts of Aztec resistance... and meanwhile, miraculous visitations of The Virgin Mary to two of the downtrodden and conquered indigenous peons.

The Smile of the Virgin 1958

Marita, a charming little girl, lives in the country with her grandmother. Her best friend is a modest servant, Anselmo, who almost everyday takes the girl to visit the church known as "Guadalupe's Basilica", an important cathedral in Mexico City, where she discovers Virgin Guadalupe and the legend about her apparitions in that place. Marita doesn't behave properly in school, and her teacher always has a punishment for the girl. She doesn't like school, and she doesn't want to return to school anymore. Besides, Marita's worried about her animals, like a cow who doesn't produce milk. The girl asks many miracles of Virgin Guadalupe, one of them is to not have to go to school. During a visit to the Basilica, Marita hears the Virgin's voice, and this could be the beginning of a responsible life for the girl, like to study and to be a good child.

La virgen de la calle 1965

A young woman has to move forward after the death of her mother and the abuse of her stepfather. She decides to be the mistress of a number of rich men. If she were to fall in love, she would keep quiet about her past. But the father of the man she falls for was one of her former lovers.

Juana la virgen

Juana la Virgen is Venezuelan telenovela written by Perla Farias and Irene Calcaño Cristina Policastro Basilio Alvarez, German Aponte and Julio Cesar Marmol Jr. and directed by Perla Farias and Tony Rodrigues. It is distributed by RCTV International all over the world.

The Virgin Wife

La esposa virgen is a Mexican telenovela that first aired in 2005. Produced by Salvador Mejia, it starred Adela Noriega and Jorge Salinas.

Street's Virgin 2014

Virgen de la Calle is a 2013 Spanish-language telenovela that was produced by RTI Producciones and Televisa for United States-based television network UniMás and Venezuela-based television network RCTV. It is a remake of Juana la virgen, a Venezuelan telenovela produced for RCTV. María Gabriela de Farías and Juan Pablo Llano will star as the protagonists.

La Virgen de las Siete Calles

La Virgen de las Siete Calles is a Bolivian TV drama adapted from a novel with the same name by Alfredo Flores. Produced by Santa Cruz Films Productions in 1987 with a total of 15 chapters, adapted for television and directed by Enrique Alfonso and Juan Miranda.

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